DSCF0011My name is Jamie and I own and drive the White London Taxi called Lily, I have been a London Taxi Driver for 23 years having attained my Green Badge in May 1991 after spending 2 years learning the streets of London doing the “Knowledge”.

I started doing weddings in 1997 with a Black Fairway London Taxi and employed a friend who had a white Fairway London Taxi to undertake weddings where the bride requested a white taxi.

In 2002 I sold my Black Fairway and ordered a White TX2 London Taxi from Mann & Overton in London, this was the first all White TX style Taxi to be built and I was quite apprehensive about picking the taxi up as I had never seen an All White TX Style London Taxi. I was also quite apprehensive about working and driving the new white taxi around the streets of London as it was going to be quite a change from driving the traditional black London taxi that I had been used to.

print (117)I need not have worried as my nice shiny new White London Taxi was well received by both customers and other taxi drivers and I had many comments as to how nice the taxi looked in white. This taxi was probably one of the most expensive to hit the streets of London in 2002 as I had every conceivable extra fitted and also had the the interior retrimmed in black Connely leather with grey leather piping and also had expensive walnut interior door cap pings and other enhancements fitted.

I drove this white TX2 until August 2006 when I rented it out to a very good friend of mine who continued to drive it and undertake wedding bookings with it until July 2013 when he in turn sold it to another friend of mine. We still use it for wedding bookings to this day.

In august 2006 I ordered a new White TX4 London Taxi from Mann & Overton in London which I still own to this day, my TX4 has done very little mileage since I bought it having only covered 70,000 since new. My TX4 still looks as though it has just come out of the showroom and in my humble opinion is still probably one of the best, if not the best white TX4 in London. I have had the interior retrimmed in Black Leather and it also has walnut door cappings and other walnut enhancements.

DSCF0041-1I think that since 1997 I have now undertaken more weddings than any other taxi driver in London and probably more than any driver in the UK. I have made getting married in a Taxi desirable and popular and many other drivers have now tried to copy what I started and purchase a white taxi.

I enjoy doing weddings, I have driven hundreds of brides to their ceremony and have gained a reputation for being reliable, friendly, courteous, supportive and having a calming influence on the brides that I drive. I like to make my brides feel special on their big day and put them at ease when driving them to the wedding venue.